Nick Ede is an experienced Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies and is a Member of the British Toastmaster Circle.

Described as a larger than life character, true professional with an eye for detail, an element of fun and a heart of gold.  Added to which he has a sympathetic ear so you know you are always in safe hands.

In essence, Nick is passionate about the role he plays and the work he does

"I have been a Toastmaster and MC for many years and I am proud to say that I still get a buzz from seeing a happy Bride and Groom and wedding party enjoying the perfect day.  To me it is the icing on the cake of the job I do and the role I play".

Think of a Toastmaster and think of a Wedding - why?

A wedding without a toastmaster is like an orchestra without a conductor, everybody makes the right noises but at all the wrong times.

Take that statement further and you have a Master of Ceremonies experienced to officiate at a wide variety of functions.

Employing the proficiency and practised skills of a Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster guarantees that your event or ceremony will meet your high expectations.
The confidence of this statement comes from the knowledge that not only will your MC bring a sense of grandeur, detailed organisation, effective and discreet management of people and occasions, he has the correct knowledge relating to matters of etiquette and protocol ensuring that everyone gives their best performance.

If you are planning any of the following functions, then why not employ the services of a professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies - you won't be disappointed.

  • Award ceremonies
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity balls
  • State Banquets
  • Masonic functions
  • Rotary functions
  • Civic functions
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings:
Traditional, Civil,  Jewish and Asian

Toastmaster in dark glasses looking cool with the Bride holding his arm instead of the Groom
Corporate Events
Charity Fundraisers
Masonic functions
State Banquets
and many more to name but a few..

Nick Ede is a member of the British Toastmaster Circle.

A professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for your Wedding and other events in London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.  Let Nick guide you through your big day!
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Redhill Aerodrome
Redhill, Surrey RH1 5JY
07747 653 753