Benefits of a Toastmaster
  • Experienced in dealing with formal occasions

  • Ensure the smooth and efficient running of a wedding reception

  • Provide a confident and calming influence on the bridal party as they go about their duties in a discreet manner

  • Experts on wedding etiquette and protocol ensuring that your day, wedding/reception runs in the right order and without embarrassment.

Role of a Toastmaster
Duties of a Toastmaster start long before your actual wedding day or event.  Approximately one month before the date of your wedding (dependent upon your chosen package) your Toastmaster will meet with you to discuss your arrangements and plans for your day.  Bear in mind they are able to provide advice and guidance into the organisation and planning of your day including advising on wedding etiquette, protocols  and timing schedules. This will help provide you with peace of mind  knowing that your wedding preparations will go to plan

Toastmaster duties on the day
  • Checks venue ready one hour before

  • Greets and directs guests to the facilities available at the wedding venue

  • Greets the Bride and Groom on their arrival to the wedding reception

  • Assist the photographer in gathering members of the bridal party for photographs

  • Assemble the bridal party to receive their guests and annouce them

  • Once guests are seated announce the entrance of the Bride and Groom and escort them to the top table

  • Announce Grace if required

  • After the meal annouce the cutting of the cake

  • Announce the speeches ensuring they are conducted in the correct order to avoid embarrassment

Toastmaster in red coat tails and white gloves shaking hands with the Groom and wishing him well for the future
Corporate Events
Charity Fundraisers
Masonic functions
State Banquets
and many more to name but a few..

Nick Ede is a member of the British Toastmaster Circle.

A professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies for your Wedding and other events in London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.  Let Nick guide you through your big day!
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